Excursions and field classes

Field courses

33155 - Marine Biology and Biogeochemistry in Elba, Italy (every 2nd spring semester)
(Dr. L. Schärer, Dr. D. Vizoso, Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann)

33386 - Microbial ecology and biogeochemistry of alpine aquatic ecosystems (field course in the Cadagno Lake region takes place every second year)
(Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann, Dr. J. Zopfi and in collaboration with the ETH Zürich)



  • Geo-Microbiology and Bio-Geochemistry in Alpine Environment (together with ETH Zürich, Dr. K. Hanselmann)
  • Limnologie-Exkursion zum Vierwaldstättersee (Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann und Dr. J. Zopfi)
  • Exkursion zum Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI) (Prof. Dr. M. Lehmann)




HS 2017 Program

Limnologie-Exkursion zum Vierwaldstättersee (pdf) am 06.10.17

Anmeldung ab 19.09.17 im Sekretariat Biogeochemie