PhD Theses (in alphabetical order)

Alkhatib, M., 2012. Reactivity and amino acid biogeochemistry in St. Lawrence sediments: Effects on benthic DOM fluxes and the N isotope effects of N remineralization. PhD Thesis University of Quebec at Montreal.

Bourbonnais, A., 2012. N transformations in diffuse hydrothermal vent fluids: An isotopic and molecular approach. PhD Thesis University of Victoria.

Blees, J. H., 2013. Methane oxidation and emission in Lake Lugano (southern Switzerland) – A lipid biomarker and isotopic approach. PhD Thesis University of Basel.

Steinle, L., 2016. Environmental controls on marine methane oxidation: From deep-sea brines to shallow coastal systems. PhD Thesis University of Basel

Wenk, C. B., 2013. Nitrogen transformation pathways, rates, and isotopic signatures in Lake Lugano. PhD Thesis University of Basel.