Lake Lugano Project Meeting

Biogeochemical Research in Lake Lugano - Ongoing Research and Future Plans

Lake Lugano Project Meeting at the Department of Environmental Sciences, University of Basel

Bernoullistrasse 30, Seminar Room 401 - Cupola


Dr. Maciej Bartosiewicz (DUW)

Dr. Andreas Bruder (SUPSI Lugano)

Adeline Cojean (DUW, PhD candidate)

Dr. Thomas Kuhn (DUW)

Dr. Moritz Lehmann (DUW)

Dr. Fabio Lepori (SUPSI Lugano)

Dr. Lea Steinle (DUW)

Guangyi Su (DUW, PhD candidate)

Jana Tischer (DUW, PhD candidate)

Dr. Jakob Zopfi (DUW)

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