Aquatic and Biogeochemistry Seminar

Tuesday, Sept 12, 2017 Lecture Room 103 Bernoullianum

the candidates for the Research Scientist position will give a presentation:

10:00-10:30  Dr. Claudia Frey (Princeton University, Department of Geosciences):
N2O cycling in low oxygen environments

10:30-11:00  Dr. Anja Studer
(Max Planck Institute for Chemistry Mainz / Climate Geochemistry):
Nutrient cycling in the Southern Ocean and its  coupling to atmospheric CO2

11:00-11:30  Dr. Reto Wijker
(CalTech, Division of  Geological and Planetary Science:
Lipid D/H ratios as a proxy for microbial metabolism

11:30-12:00: Dr. Matthias Egger
(Center for Geomicrobiology, Aarhus University):
Anaerobic oxidation of methane in marine sediments: Global significance and impact on nutrient cycling

The seminar is open to everybody.

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